Silicone based cleaners are bad for leather

This is the type of substance we are talking about when using the word ‘silicone’ in this post. Here we will explainSilicone based cleaners are bad for leather. Source: By Gmhofmann (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via...

Prevention is Key

Before we dive into the history of some icon bags that became more than unique and timeless pieces, we are going to review the process of leather making and conservation strategies. As with many other things in life, prevention is key to keep your items in good...

The History of the Classics and the It Bags.

Did you know bags are actually a male invention? Back in the Medieval Ages, coins were kept in leather or fabric bags worn by men. During the Rococo movement women decided to imitate the practical use of bags for multiple purposes such as storing powders and...

Small Details Matter.

For the luxury and fashion lovers like us, taking care of our unique fashion items can be a task. Like many things in life, small details matter. This realization started with the changes brought by Covid, from working from home in pajamas to exercising at home...

The Face Behind Refeci

Refeci started as an idea based on a need of our founder and CEO, Luisa. In 2021 she started noticing some items in her collection were deteriorating and looking worn out (even when she was following all the recommendations for appropriate care). She embarked on a...




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