The Bag That Started it All.

The Bag That Started it All.

For the luxury and fashion lovers like us, taking care of our unique fashion items can be a task. Like many things in life, small details matter. This realization started with the changes brought by Covid, from working from home in pajamas to exercising at home probably also in pajamas. Leaving many of our most beloved luxury fashion items sitting inside a closet. When finally, the doors opened again to family gatherings and brunch with friends, we noticed some of our items did not look the same.  

That’s when the quest to find the best service for luxury goods started. After taking classes with some of the best restorers in Asia, traveling around Europe to learn all about leather, leather science and restoration, Refeci was created.  

Many people underestimate the work behind quality materials in luxury fashion. In order to produce good quality leather, factors such as the origin of the cow to the tanning process matter. Did you know some of the best leather comes from cows that live in the South of France or Switzerland? These cows live in special conditions to ensure their skin has no bug bites, marks, or even a single scratch.  

Then this high-quality leather is taken to the District of Santa Croce sull’arno in Italy, where the water of the river carries the history of years of tradition and pride. Leather becomes the muse of many designers and artisans that transform it into objects that represent the beauty, fashion and sometimes the insignia of a fashion house. If the quality of the materials matters so much, so does the item itself. Throughout our Blogs we will discuss details regarding the making process, design, preservation, and history behind some of the biggest fashion houses and their iconic items. From Handbags to shoes and other leather goods.  

Welcome to Refeci!