Louis Vuitton canvas cleaning.

Women are known for carrying their purse almost everywhere, it is functional and convenient to have everything you may need inside your purse. Wherever you go, your purse will follow, and this includes a trip to the grocery store, a nice restaurant, or a bathroom break. Dr. Charles Gerba is a renowned microbiologist that has studied bacteria living in bagsBy following our advice below, you will not be asking yourself  “do I have a designer bag or a bag of bacteria?”

Dr. Gerba’s research found that organisms living on your bag’s outside surface can make you sick. Organisms consisting of fecal bacteria and viruses are found on the bottom and handles. If you touch your bag, germs can transfer from one area to another.   

Refeci recommends using two products to help clean your purse, we have products for canvas leather and fabric  


Canvas Cleaner Milk of Canvas 

Milk of Canvas was created to nourish, protect, and provide deep cleaning to any coated canvas. Canvas from Louis Vuitton to Goyard benefits from our Milk of Canvas for removal of superficial dirt without leaving your canvas dry and prone to cracks 

Used Cotton Cleaning Pads

How to use Milk of Canvas  

1. Apply Milk of Canvas directly to only the canvas on your purse. Rub the product making circular movements with a cotton pad maintaining light pressure to help distribute the solution evenly.   

2. If the cotton pad gets dark due to dirt, switch to a clean cotton pad and continue cleaning.   

3. Let the solution dry for a shiny and clean canvas.   

4. Milk of Canvas works as a barrier on the surface of your purse to aid with protection and to facilitate cleaning next time. To maintain these properties Milk of Canvas should be re-applied on a regular basis.  

5. Milk of Canvas should never be applied on any type of leather. It was designed specifically to be used on coated canvas only.  


How to use Anti-Bacterial Cleaner   

1. Apply mist of Anti-Bacterial Cleaner on the surface of any leather or fabric, it is tested and proven to kill 99% of bacteria and you can use it on your entire purse to clean both interior and exterior  

2. Do not rub the product, just a light mist will help with the reduction of superficial bacteria. 


Caution: Keep products away from children and animals. It can cause irritation of eyes and skin. If Milk of Canvas or Anti-Bacterial Cleaner gets in your eyes, rinse your eyes thoroughly with water and seek medical attention. 

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